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Luxembourg is now the only remaining Grand Duchy of Europe, located in northwestern Europe, east is Germany, southern border with France, western and northern borders with Belgium. Luxembourg is the industrial countries, and is the country with highest  per capita income and living standards in the EU,  per capita GDP among the highest in the world. Luxembourg has highly developed economy, steel, financial, radio and television are the three major economic pillar industries. Because the land is small, and more castle, so in the title of "Pocket Kingdom ", "Thousand castle of the country ".

Profile of Luxembourg
  • Chinese name: 卢森堡大公国
  • English name: TheGrandDuchyofLuxembourg, LeGrand-DuchédeLuxembour
  • Abbreviations: Luxembourg
  • Respective continents: Europe
  • Capital: Luxembourg City
  • National Day: June 23
  • National Anthem: Our Motherland (Ons Hémécht)
  • Country Code: LUX
  • Official languages: French, German
  • Currency: Luxembourg franc
  • Main ethnic groups: Luxembourg
  • Main Religion: Catholic
  • State bird: kinglets
  • National Flower: Rose
  • Internet domain: .lu
  • International dialling code: +352


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