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Denmark is one of the Scandinavian form, located on the Jutland peninsula in northern Europe. The south is Germany, the northern is Atlantic and the Baltic Sea. Sweden and Norway are located in the north and northwest fo Denmark.

Profile of Denmark
  • Chinese name: 丹麦王国
  • English name: The Kingdom of Denmark
  • Abbreviations: Denmark
  • Respective continents: Europe
  • Capital: Copenhagen
  • Major Cities: Bornholm, Fredrick, accompanied Fort
  • National Day: April 16
  • National Anthem: "There is a good place"
  • Country Code: DEN
  • Official language: Danish
  • Currency: Danish krone
  • Time Zone: +1
  • Main ethnic groups: Danish
  • Main religions: Evangelical Lutheran
  • Flower: Holly
  • National bird: Lark
  • Internet domain: .dk
  • International dialling code: +45


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