Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Visa- France

French Embassy

Three ways to apply Schengen Visa

  • To find a trusted agency to help you go through all the procedures
France is can submit documents through an agency, do not personally go to the visa center. Looking for an agency that can save time,  agency will teach you how to apply and will tell you in detail what documents you need to compared. But the agency will charge fees, the fees is a little expensives and each agency has its own charge calibration.
  • By applying in person at Visa Sector, French Consulate General, London
Living in the Greater London area applicants must personally apply to the London Embassy visa office. Advance reservation is required prior to the application, an appointment must provide your name, passport number, address, zip code, etc. You can make a reservation through calls, or through the website of the French Embassy.
Telephone reservations: 0845 7300 118. This is an automatic answering phone for £ 1 per minute, and one time can make an oppointment for 5 person.
If the documents is complete, the visa successfully, you can get a visa at the same day

Address in London
French Embassy
Consulate Section
6A Cromwell Place
London SW7 2EW

Opening times
The French Embassy is no
longer open to the public

  • By applying in person at French Consulate General, Edinburgh
Living in Scotland can apply to the Consulate in Edinburgh does not need an appointment. Visa application hours are Monday to Friday morning. Can not immediately get a visa, may waiting for several weeks.

Address in Edinburgh
Consulate General Edinburgh
21, Randolph Crescent
Tel : 0131 225 7954 / fax : 0131 225 8975


What documents you need to compare:
  • Visa application form: all types of VISA application form is same. must be filled out completely, any wrong or less complete form will not be processed. form can be downloaded in PDF format on the website.
  • Two photos
  • Passport or official travel document, valid for at least 3 months. must have free pages to get seal for the embassy. UK residence permit must be valid for more than one month.
  • Sufficient funds (travel costs), the recent bank statement or traveller's cheques.
  • Confirmed return air or boat tickets.
  • Conformation of hotel reservation(have to pay the money)or certificate of board and lodging ("Attestation d'Accueil") written by your any friends or family who lived in France, and get from local Townhall ("Mairie") or Police Station ("Gendarmerie" or "Commissariat de Police").
  • Employer's letter and your last three months payslips, if you are a student, you need submit proof of  letter from your school that letter can prove that you are students of this school.
  • Medical insurance: travel insurance during the period of stay or other health insurance.
  • If you go to France to do business, you need to show France's official invitation.

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