Monday, May 2, 2011

Interview part two

I interviewed 20 Chinese person who lived in China, and asked them 6 question via E-mail.

Q1 Chantel你的名字和你的年龄?
Q2:  Chantel: 你目前的职业是什么?如果是学生,你就读于哪所学校?
Q3:  Chantel:  你是否喜欢旅游?有没有曾经旅游过欧洲的国家?
Q4:  Chantel: 你最喜欢哪个欧洲国家?或是哪个欧洲国家你在将来会打算前往旅游的?
Q5:  Chantel: 当你计划一次旅途的时候,什么问题常常困扰着你?比如住宿,签证...
Q6:  Chantel: 你是喜欢自己自助旅行还是参加旅行团?为什么?

Through interviews, interviewees are all want to have the opportunity to visit European countries but there are many troubles such as visas, language, time and money. The favourity country is France.

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