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Travel around Europe by trains// the knowledge of European trains

Flight may seem much faster than the train, and there are many budget airlines in Europe, you can easily buy cheap airline tickets, but if coupled with the time from the airport, and need long waiting at the airport registry and the security, train station is generally located in the center, the finally train may be more convenient and timely than the plane. And European trains are getting better.

We know that the European trains tickets are complex and will waste of money and time if buy an inappropriate ticket. There are some useful knowledge about European trains and trains tickets.

Q: What difference between continuous use and the current European rail tickets?
A: Continuous use: To be used continuously from the first day of beginning use. (Example: You buy a rail ticket that consecutive use of 15 days at seventeenth contries, stated from 5th July, then the deadline of ticket at midnight 00:00 19th July)
Current Ticket: From the effective date stamped at the station, according to the purchased ticket's valid date and the number of days can by trains in any day within a certain period of times, actual use train tickets need not be continuous. (Example: You buy a ticket that can be arbitrary use 10 days within 2 months at seventeen countries, sealed into force and started from 5th July, you can arbitrary use of 10 days from 5th July to midnight 00:00 4th Septemper.)

Q: How to calculate the valid of European rail tickets?
A: The valid of ticket is in accordance with month. (Example: Start from 21st July, the valid of ticket is one month, then expires end at midnight 00:00 20th August)

Q: How to calculate the days of the current European rail tickets?
A: In the period, the day by train, then will to fill the date of the day on the ticket, and unlimited times within the same day by train.

Q: How to calculate the age of youth and children?
A: The youth and children can enjoy the preferential price or not, the standard is not age at the time to buy tickets, but the age when by trains. Therefore, when the actual use tickets if you are under 26 years old or under 12 years old, you can enjoy a discount prices by youth and children. (Example: Some people asked I was born in 5th December, 1985, can I buy tickets for youth discount? Born in 5th December 1985 is not attain the age of 26 years old until 5th December, 2011, you are still considered the age is 25. So as long as by trains before 4th December, 2011, you can enjoy the benefits of youth, but after 5th December will be in accordance with the adult price. It is empathy for children’s tickets. Because the definition of the child’s age is different in various countries, it is better to do some prior consultation if you need to purchase tickets for children.)

Q: Can I take all trains if I have a European rail ticket?
A: The European train most of the state-owned railway, who hold European train ticket can by trains, but Europe there are some train or funicular railway, cable cars are running by privately, such as: Switzerland Titlis, Jungfrau, etc. These places cannot free ride but can enjoy some preferential

Q: Have dining cars in European trains?
A: Most long-distance trains have dining cars, and usually you can direct go to dining cars to eat or drink. However in the peak time of dining recommend that you can book in advance to the crew. If there is no dining car on the train, generally there will be hand-pushed carts.

Q: Buy the European rail tickets, in addition to by trains, is it can take other modes of transport? Are there any additional benefits?
A: The European rail ticket is still the one of "travel discount certificate". Many of scenic trains, tour bus, cable car, boat, sea ferry and so on, there are provide free or discount for tourist who holding the European rail tickets. Specific concessions differ according to different types of ticket.

Q: How to do if lost or stolen rail tickets?
A: The tickets like cash, if lost or stolen, can not apply for a replacement or refund.

Q: It needs a Visa if through the country but do not get off the train?
A: Yes, as long as through the country which the train you by it, passengers do not get off the train, or even just the route through the country and does not stop any station, passengers still must have a valid visa of the country, while the use range of tickets must be covered the country. Before and after the train crossed the border, customs officers will check each passenger’s passport, visa and other travel documents, if found without a valid visa, the passenger will be sent back the origin of country where the train from.

EU member states only Britain, Ireland, Romania, Bulgaria and Cyprus have not yet joined the Schengen Agreement.
Q: How to do if I will go to the country but the country is not covered on tickets?
A: If the part of your journey is the country that not covered on your tickets, you need to purchase that part of the ticket. Best buy before boarding the train, because it is more expensive of replacement ticket in the train.

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