Wednesday, April 27, 2011


The Netherlands is a country in northwestern Europe, and near the North Sea, and border with Germany and Belgium. The country is famous by the seawall, windmills and tolerant social atmosphere.

Profile of Netherlands
  • Chinese name: 荷兰王国
  • English name: The Kingdom of the Netherlands
  • Abbreviations: Netherlands
  • Respective continents: Europe
  • Capital: Amsterdam
  • Major cities: Rotterdam, The Hague
  • National Day: April 30
  • National Anthem: William Van Nassau
  • Official Language: Dutch (Dutch)
  • Currency: EUR ¢
  • Time zone: UTC +1
  • Main ethnic groups: Dutch
  • Major religions: Catholicism, Christianity
  • Flower: tulip
  • State bird: spoonbills
  • Internet domain: .nl
  • International dialling code: +31


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