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Kingdom of Sweden is located in the southeastern of Scandinavia in northern Europe. Northeastern border with Finland, west and north-west adjacent to the Norway, east near the Baltic Sea and the Kattegat, the southwest is North Sea. Sweden also named "Forest Kingdom " "lake kingdom" "European sawmills" "Nordic Snow Country" "Temperance Kingdom ".

Profile of Sweden
  • Chinese name: 瑞典王国
  • English name: The Kingdom of Sweden
  • Abbreviations: Sweden
  • Respective continents: Europe
  • Capital: Stockholm
  • Major Cities: Stockholm, Gothenburg
  • National Day: June 6
  • National Anthem: "You old glory of the North Shan"
  • Official language: Swedish
  • Currency: SEK
  • Main ethnic groups: Germanic
  • Main religions: Evangelical Lutheran
  • Flower: lily of the valley
  • State bird: blackbird
  • State Stone: Crystal
  • Internet domain: .se
  • International dialling code: +46


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