Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Finland is located in northern Europe. the south is border with Sweden, Norway, Russia, and the south is Gulf of Finland, west by the Gulf of Bothnia. 1 / 3 of the land is in the Arctic Circle.

Profile of Finland
  • Chinese name: 芬兰共和国
  • English name: The Republic of Finland
  • Abbreviations: Finland
  • Respective continents: Europe
  • Capital: Helsinki
  • Major Cities: Turku, Espoo
  • National Day: December 6, 1917
  • National Anthem: "motherland"
  • Country code: 358
  • Official languages: Finnish and Swedish
  • Main ethnic groups: the Nordic nation
  • State bird: Big Swan
  • Flower: lily of the valley
  • State tree: oak
  • Internet domain: .fi
  • International dialling code: +358


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