Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Cyprus is a Asian island , located in the eastern Mediterranean. Republic of Cyprus was became one of the European Union Member States in May 1, 2004.

Profile of Cyprus
  • Chinese name: 塞浦路斯共和国
  • English name: the Republic of Cyprus
  • Abbreviations: Cyprus
  • Respective continents: Asia
  • Capital: Nicosia
  • National Day: October 1
  • National Anthem: Free Song
  • Country Code: CY
  • Official languages: Greek, Turkish
  • Currency: Euro
  • Main ethnic groups: Greek, Turkish Cypriot
  • Major religions: Orthodox, Islam
  • International dialling code: +357

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  1. whole of Cyprus is worth seeing. You go to any part of this island there you certainly come upon marvellous or extraordinary beauty...

  2. I hope I can have a holiday and travel to Cyprus, it is a beautiful island and believe I will love it and enjoy the trip!